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The SeaLab Secret: Human-Centered Design

We're a diverse team of human-centered creatives who use our design, development, and animation talents for good, to better the digital and physical world, one human experience at a time.

  • "SeaLab goes above and beyond. They obsess over their work in all the right ways, and create beautiful targeted design. They continue to support their work and clients after delivery in ways I've never seen, which makes it clear they aren't punching time cards - they're producing stellar work."
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    Luke Heath

    CEO | Seedling

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    “SeaLab provides world class service. I look forward to any project where SeaLab is part of the team.”
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    Christian Serna

    Senior Solutions Architect | Frog

  • ‘‘

    “SeaLab has always been a pleasure to work with and can take an idea and run in new and interesting directions. They are fun to talk to, quick to respond and overall generally awesome!”
    An image of Kenton Gray
    Kenton Gray

    CTO | iOffice

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