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SeaLab team members Courtney, Heather, Kelly, Mike, Ryan, and Ashley are illustrated from left to right.

We Are SeaLab

Founded in 2014, SeaLab is a diverse team of human-centered creatives who use our talents for good to better the digital and physical world one human experience at a time.

SeaLab Life On Shore!

Photo compilation featuring: 1. The Hawaiian island of Maui taken by Heather White from a boat. 2. Kelly Hannifin’s comical viking figurine she collected from one of her many adventures around the world. 3. Heather White's hand covered in spray paint in the foreground and her home workstation in the background. 4. Austin SeaLab design team members Kelly, Ashley, Heather, and Courtney posing with the Austin Green Business Leaders Green Cup. 5. A sunset lighting up a distant temple taken by Michael Thomas in Osaka, Japan with cherry blossom trees in the foreground. 6. Our Austin team's purple pumpkin designs for October’s Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. 7. SeaLab teammate Kelly Hannifin mid rock-climb giving the camera a huge grin and thumbs up. 8. Michael Thomas’ home office set up in Osaka, Japan. His two shiba inu dogs, Monika and Chiyo can be seen in the background looking curiously at the camera. 9. Michael Thomas facing the handlebars on his bicycle as he rides one morning in Osaka, Jao.

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