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Illustrated giant squid character holding mobile devices underwater illustrated and brought to life by SeaLab ATX


Sails.js is the most popular open source MVC framework for Node.js.

We worked with Sails.js to create and establish a strong brand and web presence including brand creation (from character illustrations to logo development), responsive web design and development, icon creation, intro video design and animation, and maintaining brand rules and conventions across multiple social media platforms.

User Experience | Website Design | Responsive Design | Website Development | Brand Creation | Character Illustration and Creation

Preview of Sails.js website design capturing the landing page Preview of the features page on the Sails.js website designed by SeaLab Austin TX
close up of original Sails.js mascot character illustration: Giant Squid created and brought to life by SeaLab close up of original Sails.js developer characters illustration created and brought to life by SeaLab
Preview of fully responsive Sails.js website design created by SeaLab in Austin Texas


...Working with SeaLab is great because Heather designs around [the user experience] by instinct, and she's bred it into the company culture; ...rather than coming up with a design and then shoehorning the web or mobile application to fit that design, SeaLab teases out the right design... based on what it is supposed to do, and what it will actually be like for the people who use it. That may sound simple, but it's not. And it's something that's overlooked on far too many other projects.

Mike McNeil

Creator of Sails.JS